December 31, 2011

Stepping Up for 2012

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With the New Year starting in just a few hours, here’s some of what we want to do with the History Commons in 2012. We literally cannot do this without your support. Here’s how you can help:

You can go to the newly redesigned History Commons New Topics Listing for information on what we’d like to begin (or continue) covering in 2012. You can comment on these topics, or propose your own, at the HC Groups Blog, on the Facebook page, in a tweet, or by emailing us. We cannot cover all of this on our own. If it’s to be done, it will only get done with your help. Some of the topics we’re interested in covering include:

  • 2012 elections and earlier
  • the Abramoff lobbying scandal
  • Blackwater and the rise of private mercenary forces
  • the Citizens United decision
  • Guantanamo violations and depredations
  • History of the CIA
  • the Murdoch/News of the World hacking scandal
  • Operation Gladio and NATO’s secret armies in Western Europe
  • Political assassinations in the US
  • Social movements
  • SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act)
  • the US Attorney scandal and resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
  • Violence against women in the military
  • Wikileaks and Bradley Manning

Naturally, some of our best and most penetrating coverage comes from our community, in the form of suggestions and contributions. Many of our projects began with user suggestions.

And none of our currently active projects are “complete” by any stretch. Every project needs more information for a broader and more in-depth examination of the issues those projects cover. If you’re not interested in a new project, an older project could often use some attention. Here are some of the current projects we’d dearly love to see get some new attention:

  • War in Afghanistan
  • Prisoner Abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and Elsewhere
  • Global Financial and Economic Crisis 2007-Present
  • US Electoral Politics
  • US Health Care System
  • Global Warming
  • US Environmental Issues
  • US International Relations

We appreciate your interest and your support. Let’s make this a banner year.

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  1. I collected a Branch Dividian promotional cap in 2008..” We
    Out!” 1993 c spelling out WACO’s commitment to stand ground. Only prolem is that they are dead and the movement, needs to be broadcast on a larger scale… media attention is only interested in immediate activity. There could be a lot of attention if thousands of people gathered against this date’s history …. and attach it to the ‘gas drilling’ ;fracking fluid GENOCIDE going on in this country.. and combine it with the TARSANDS PIPELINE.

    It could draw millions.. but it would have to be done in a way so as not to be a repeat of 1993. Perhaps on the highways into Washington D.C. to the White House… Washington Monument…. or maybe into a central highway march… from each end of this country, tractors, cars, bikers, Harley Riders, and Hells Angels all with one cause to meet in the middle and completely stop commerce across this country… THAT WOULD BE NEWSWORTHY.!!
    And it is such a message to me and all who see it….
    Especially since last week the ‘LAW’ of “INDEFINITE DETAINMENT WITHOUT CAUSE” !!! passed thru Congress LAST WEEK… LOOK UP Senator Mark Udalls’ website, he fought it… but we are now living in a “POLICE STATE” that compares to Nazi Germany… and much worse than any of the countries we continue to invade…. don’t speed… don’t cross the yellow line.. don’t touch the white lines… actually… this needs to be addressed in every major newspaper and TV Personality intrviews, IMMEDIATELY.

    How can this law have passed!? what does it take to wake up the ‘American’ public to what is happening…. actually, since April 19,1993 …. it’s a little too late, wouldn’t you say. However, survival websites have the information to know how to be …. BE READY… and it sure ain’t the FEMA site…

    Comment by Sylvia Jones — December 31, 2011 @ 5:00 pm | Reply

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