July 24, 2010

New Contributors’ Resources Page

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We’ve put together a one-stop link to all the resources available for History Commons contributors. The page includes the “Entries for ‘Dummies’,” a Content and Copy Editing guide, walkthroughs, style manuals, links to writing resources, and more.

If you have suggestions as to what should be added to this list, post them below. Thanks!


  1. The movie The Event may be “related” to 9-11. PLEASE don’t make any references to it until it’s shown.

    Reasoning: Black President, CIA “SECRET PRISONS”, Shutting Down SECRET Program, personal information being erased, people disappearing, Pentagon and CIA ARGUING against letting “the people” know, “ethics & morals” VS military arguments, airplanes hijacked & flying at President in assassination attempts…

    Yeah, it could also be about aliens on earth, but there’s a LOT of innuendos pushing the 9-11 theory. I want people to SEE the series BEFORE people “talk” about it. NOT a Fahrenheit 9-11 style all-out attack before it’s aired.

    Comment by Han G Thesobs — August 16, 2010 @ 2:58 pm | Reply

  2. This would be better discussed on the hcgroups.wordpress.com forum.

    As for your plea for us not to discuss this show, we are in the business of getting information out, not muzzling it. Whether this show is referencing 9/11 or not, I doubt our discussion of it is going to have any impact. The promos that NBC runs every five minutes will have a much larger impact than anything we write or don’t write. If someone starts a conversation about the show on the other blog, I won’t shut it down.

    Comment by Max — August 16, 2010 @ 4:01 pm | Reply

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